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Charger Foundation


The Charger Foundation is excited to implement a mini-grant program. The purpose of the mini-grant program is to expand learning opportunities for students beyond what is possible with existing school budgets. We encourage projects that take innovative, creative approaches to teaching the curriculum. Any teacher in the (4) Martin schools is encouraged to submit a grant by completing the below form. All grant applications are due by January 18, 2019. Mini-grants are available for up to $500 per grant. Multiple grants may be awarded. Winners will be announced in February 2019.

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*Please submit this request the principal of your school for approval before submission to the Charger Foundation. Only applications approved by the school principal will be considered. *
1) Applications must be submitted online by January 18, 2019. 2) All sections of the grant application must be completed in order to be considered. 3) Grant funds must be used specifically for the project and materials listed on the grant application. They may not be spent on any additional items. Any unused funds must be returned to the foundation. 4) Any items purchased with Charger Foundation grant funds will become the property of the Martin school where the recipient is currently working. 5) By accepting Charger Foundation grand funds, you are agreeing to provide feedback to the foundation on the project. The foundation reserves the right to share information about the project with the Martin community. By signing below, you are agreeing to the conditions listed above. (Please type your name.)