Invest in our children TODAY!

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Almost every day we spend $1 on something insignificant. Investing in the youth of your community is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. For $1 per day ($30.42 per month), you can make an impact on the young lives in our community for years to come. Look at how much of a difference $1 a day can make:

  • 50 donors giving $1 per day = $18,250

  • 75 donors giving $1 per day = $27,375

  • 200 donors giving $1 per day = $73,000


    We need people like YOU to step up and make a commitment to ensure our students have a successful education! Make a pledge today to be a part of the Charger Foundation change!


Make one $365.00 payment to the Charger Foundation by ACH (automatic draft).


Auto pay the $365.00 total over 12 months ‐ $30.42 per month by ACH (automatic draft).

Click Here to Download the ACH Authorization Form

Once completed, please mail to:
Charger Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 765
Martin, TN 38237

Your $1 per day commitment will go directly towards education and enrichment (including but not limited to STEM, Technology, Arts, etc.) for our four (4) schools.

For every committed donation to the Charger365 campaign, you will receive the following:

A car decal and your name (family name) on the Charger Foundation website as a donor.