About Us

Mission:  The Charger Foundation exists to support Martin schools to become centers of excellence for all students.


Community:  We believe in the power of an educated, informed community.

Collaboration:  We believe that families, schools, local government and businesses are equal partners in promoting educational excellence.

Commitment:  We believe that the entire community must be committed to the educational success of our students.

The Charger Foundation is an independent community-based organization, formed in 2018 exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.  The foundation seeks to help provide the best academic education and experience it can for students, teachers, and administration by supporting them with additional educational material and/or tools to create an exciting, evolving, and thriving learning environment.  The Foundation seeks to enhance the educational opportunities offered to children in the Martin School System through solicitation of funds, expertise and greater involvement from parents, businesses, and the community at large.  The Charger Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which means all donations are tax exempt.

Governing Body

The foundation is composed of a governing board of directors with an executive committee of officers elected by the board consisting of a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, and treasurer. The board is self-sustaining through member and community recommendations of individuals who commit and work toward improving education for the students in Martin schools.

The Charger Foundation is comprised of a fifteen-member board with rotating terms.

Current Board Members

Elizabeth Pritchett, Chairman
Amy Belew, Vice-Chairman
Tommy Legins, Treasurer
Lauren Sims, Secretary

Adam Adkins
Hollianne Carver
Courtney Echols
Todd Hampton
Jennifer Hays
Katie Mantooth
Sandy Mehlhorn
Julie Simpson
Brian Smith
Kara Snider
Jason Sullivan
Whitney Taylor
Destin Tucker